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For the Love of God

In every religion I have sought to rediscover God in, I have found God in every moment I have spent or will spend there. My insight into the metaphysics of this world and the nature of God expands every time. I have not found a million places where God is not. I’ve found a million places where God is, alongside a million names and forms and modes of ritual and belief pointing ever higher to this figure—invisible to those taught to look away, silent to those taught not to trust their own hearing—yet not gone, not minuscule, not needing to be replaced, merely needing to be remembered. God is transcendent. God is resplendent.

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Reflections on Parashat Vayeitzei

These moments in Laban’s story stand out to me because it often feels to me that in our modern world different religions are exclusively distinct to one another. We have to be either-or-neither something. The idea that we can be both, that we can be pluralistic in our thinking or living or identifying frequently feels dismissed or degraded as this sort of fluffy, feel-good liberal indecisiveness. And while that may very well be the case, the Torah provides a historical reference point for that attitude as well. Laban, for all his character flaws, and for all his teraphim and pagan religiousity, is someone G-d chooses to speak to—through divination, no less!

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