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For the Love of God

In every religion I have sought to rediscover God in, I have found God in every moment I have spent or will spend there. My insight into the metaphysics of this world and the nature of God expands every time. I have not found a million places where God is not. I’ve found a million places where God is, alongside a million names and forms and modes of ritual and belief pointing ever higher to this figure—invisible to those taught to look away, silent to those taught not to trust their own hearing—yet not gone, not minuscule, not needing to be replaced, merely needing to be remembered. God is transcendent. God is resplendent.

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Imagine Healing Spaces For All Genders & All Earth's Children

In some contemporary Pagan and other healing-oriented communities, the idea of having group spaces which are exclusive to either men or women (or more specific experiences of manhood or womanhood than that) can be controversial and perennial conflicts. Part of these conflicts I think stems from a scarcity mindset around healing.

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