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Now the Whole Group of Those Who Believed...

In the gospels, we read this story of Jesus and the rich young man. He comes up to Jesus and asks how he can live a more spiritual life. Jesus tells him to follow God’s laws, and—after clarifying which laws Jesus is referring to—the man responds by saying that he already does. ‘What else am I lacking?’ the man asks. And Jesus responds by telling him, ‘If you want to be perfect, go and sell everything you own. Give the money to the poor, and then come follow me.’ The man goes away sad because, as Jesus tells his disciples, ‘It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven.’

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Don't Be Intimidated By Those Older Than You...

In meditating on this, the Spirit reminded me of the verse I opened this post with. Spirit says: ‘Mary was 14 when she became the mother of God on Earth. David was a teenager when he defeated Goliath. And so was Joseph when they knew their family, the Sun, and the Moon would come to them pleading for help. God's love is for all living beings, of all ages, genders, and creeds. Lev. 19:32, Job 12:12, Psalm 71:17, Psalm 92:12-15, Galatians 3:28. Be examples of love to one another across generations. Where such love feels impossible, pray for your community's healers to clear the way of obstacles. God's plan is for unity not division, reconciliation not phobias.’

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ChristianityPat Mosley
For the Love of God

In every religion I have sought to rediscover God in, I have found God in every moment I have spent or will spend there. My insight into the metaphysics of this world and the nature of God expands every time. I have not found a million places where God is not. I’ve found a million places where God is, alongside a million names and forms and modes of ritual and belief pointing ever higher to this figure—invisible to those taught to look away, silent to those taught not to trust their own hearing—yet not gone, not minuscule, not needing to be replaced, merely needing to be remembered. God is transcendent. God is resplendent.

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Every Creature is a Word of God

As impossibly far away as G-d and our utopian aspirations can seem in the depths of very real and very material suffering, the theurgical truth of existence is also a very intrinsic godliness to all creation. G-d is within us and among us. Every creature has a name, a sound spoken into existence by G-d in the act of creation. As flawed as we may be, as flawed and devastatingly harsh as our society may be, there is an essence of G-d and the poetry of creation within all of this, perfectly imperfect and perfecting itself, becoming less dense as the clarity of that sound reverberates in the recollection of other creatures near it.

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