FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

The Painted Lady, Thuya Garden & Lodge, Southeast Harbor, Maine, photographed by Pat Mosley, 2019

The Painted Lady, Thuya Garden & Lodge, Southeast Harbor, Maine, photographed by Pat Mosley, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see yours? No sweat! Send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Do you see both male and female clients?

Yes! My practice welcomes new clients of any gender and any relationship to their gender. I recognize that today’s world can be a hostile place for all of us based on the expectations around the gender we were assigned or are socially identified with, and I strive to cultivate a practice that offers respite and rejuvenation beyond these attitudes.

Is Your Practice Accessible to Disabled Clients?

I strive for it to be! Presently I see clients with many different relationships to disability, neurodivergence, and chronic illness, however I may not be able to meet the needs of every person at this time. Contact me to ask about specific accessibility concerns, and we’ll go from there!

Do I have to undress completely, tolerate pain, or Allow you to touch my [feet, stomach, face, etc.], to receive massage therapy?

Nope! Our relationships to our bodies are sacred and sometimes complex. While different bodywork modalities may carry us through discomfort, the object of these sessions is never to inflict pain or trauma. Key to honoring the dignity of every person in this work is respecting the boundaries they decide.

Before getting on the table, I’ll check-in with you about any areas you may not want massaged. You are welcome to communicate with me at any point later if you change your mind. When it comes time for our session, I’ll invite you to undress to your comfort level. My work is adaptable whether your comfort level is fully nude, fully clothed, or somewhere in between. During our session, I’ll check-in with you about the pressure I am using. You are welcome to communicate with me at any point about needed changes.

Note: for clients who choose to remain fully clothed, you may wish to wear (or bring with you) ‘gym clothes’ or another outfit that can withstand sweat and friction.

I saw that you offer vegan mentoring. Is it necessary to be vegan or trying to go vegan to work with you?

Nope! I offer mentoring for new vegans or folks interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle in part because I know personally how difficult it can be to find quality information online or from non-vegan health professionals, especially when you are also disabled or adapting to a chronic condition.

Part of that same struggle for me was about reclaiming my own agency in determining the kind of diet, lifestyle, and treatment plan I wanted to engage with. My intention for all of my clients is to empower you to be an active voice in your self-care. There’s enough prescriptive and instructive stuff already out there. We do teamwork here.

What Should I Expect During My Initial Visit?

Every new client’s first visit starts with an intake form. It covers basic information like your name and contact info, the name and contact info of an emergency contact, a brief medical history, nature of visit (e.g. referred by doctor, relaxation, etc.), and a few agreements about the nature of our session. Filling out and reviewing this form takes about 5-10 minutes which may shorten the time you get on the table during your first visit. You’ll need to update me on any new medical conditions or changes in this information before any subsequent visits.

For new coaching clients or for bodywork clients who want more than a 5-10 minute discussion about their personal journey bringing them to my practice, I offer 30 minute wellness consultation sessions where we’ll go more in depth with these topics and devise a longer-term care plan together. You can schedule these kinds of sessions at any time whether you are a new or returning client!

Do you offer Sexual Services as Part of Your Practice?

Nope! This is a common misconception about massage therapy and the term ‘bodywork.’ Sexual activity is not part of any session I provide.

Photo by  George Hiles  on  Unsplash

Can I bring a Friend, Child, Pet, or Personal Assistant With Me To My Session?

In general, the answer to this is no. My practice is not set up to accommodate additional visitors. However, exceptions may be made in the case of interpreters or other necessary personal healthcare workers. Contact me ahead of time to clear this. Thank you for making arrangements for children (of all species) to be cared for elsewhere during your session.

Do You Accept Insurance?

At this time, no. Some clients have success using a flexible spending account provided as part of their employer’s insurance plan to pay through the scheduling app I use. And other clients have had success being reimbursed by either their employer or insurance plan after paying out of pocket. I am happy to provide a receipt for any session you book with me.