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Hey there folks, my name is Pat and my professional practice is in a field that’s called integrative health. Generally speaking, integrative health is about making connections across disciplines to consider a larger picture of wellness for the person, the community, or even the ecosystem and beyond.

Within this field I am licensed as a massage and bodywork therapist, and also experienced as a life coach! I take a lot of inspiration from my own health journey, my fears and anxieties, and my hope for the future I’d like to live in.

Navigating the world of chronic illness is something I've been doing for myself since childhood. It's afforded me an awareness and empathy for the journeys other disabled people are on in their own relationships to who they are and how they want to live. I bring that perspective to my professional life, and strive to make my practice as accessible and client-directed as possible.

I also intimately recognize that the disabling structure of society demands a more critical response than shrugging the problem off on us as individuals, many of whom still cannot afford or access either the preventative or restorative care we need. As a disabled person, I strive to push the boundaries of my practice of integrative health. To that end, I personally if not also professionally engage with a lot of radically different modalities ranging from permaculture to bodywork, trauma stewardship and consciousness, activism and more.

My blog here touches on these subjects and others. But I suppose the best way to join me in these conversations is to book a session or reach out to me. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon! -Pat


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